Cicle/Segle de Performance

Curated by Ariadna Rodríguez


From Balaguer Gallery we are starting-up a cycle- inside the century- of Performance Art. We think that Performance is a genre that has been “zoom out” from galleries, which are their original environment. We think that Performance can be developed in different spaces and environments, but we think that galleries can do an important job by creating a dynamics that help to know and recognize this discipline. We think that Performance helps us to understand art and life in a direct, close and interactive way in this new XXI century, which is performatic.


Ariadna Rodríguez

"Cicle/Segle de Performance"
April 26, 2012


Pere Faura i Iñaki Alvarez

"Cicle/Segle de Performance"
February 3, 2012


Anne Lise GAC

"Cicle/Segle de Performance"
December 15, 2011


Oscar April Ascaso

"Cicle/Segle de Performance"
October 27, 2011